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Women in Energy Sector (WIES) Conference 2023

Theme: TBA

About WIES

Women in Energy Sector (WIES) founded in 2016, is a voluntary group of professionals working together in the energy sector for encouraging involvement of both women and men at all levels of leadership to promote diversity, inclusion & equality at work place.  


WIES is back again with its 8th edition. The event aims to provide the stage for a dynamic dialogue on the challenges and barriers, the lessons learnt, and the success stories of women leaders in the energy sector.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each employer needs to analyze its own unique circumstances with respect to gender representation, the current state of its workforce dynamics and the most important drivers of change in order to craft the most effective strategy.   


'Women in the Energy Sector Conference (WIES) takes place once a year & brings together women in the energy sectors from across the globe to contribute immensely towards sustainable energy development involving more women in energy projects.


WIES brings together hundreds of women in the energy industry, along with their male supporters to gain knowledge about the industry, further their professional development, and network with others in the energy sector.


This conference strives to become the leading global platform that will discuss the presence and leadership of women in energy and related sectors. It will also encourage women to participate in this sector as entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and leaders. This will be the best professional platform for women in the energy sector, to share leadership insights and gain industry knowledge to advance their careers and the people they manage.


The conference will feature industry leaders for a day of presentations and interactive sessions focused in the areas of Leadership, Career, and Personal Development.


WIES will have presentations and interactive sessions focused in the areas of D&I, Unconscious bias, talent management, Leadership, Career, and Personal Development.


What is the way forward?


  • Training women in STEM subjects at an early age could also pave the way for more women in leadership roles in the new and renewable energy sector ensuring gender justice.

  • Analysis of the existing gender gaps, something which is still largely missing.

  • Building equitable access to bridge the equity gap in (modern) energy sector.

  • Skills training, capacity enhancements, and providing conducive working environments to enable gender-inclusive employment opportunities.

  • Mentoring and role models

This conference aims to:


  • provide a platform to create awareness to increase the presence and leadership of women in energy sectors

  • develop and retain women working in the energy space

  • provide a discussion forum for students & young professionals with senior energy leaders

  • to build capacity for gender enhancement for women

  • to address numerous challenges facing the Women in this industry.


As an attendee, you'll benefit from:


  • Inspirational presentations from leading executives

  • Gaining insight into current industry trends

  • Getting valuable advice on how to develop your leadership skills and advance in your career

  • Having candid discussions on challenges you may face in the workplace

  • Amazing networking opportunities with fellow attendees plus speakers and sponsors who represent top operator and service companies

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Businesswomen

  • Policy and Decision Makers

  • Energy Regulatory Authorities

  • Energy Utilities workforce

  • EPC Contractors workforce

  • Gender Activists

  • Women In Oil And Gas Industry

  • Women in the Solar Power Development 

  • Women In Wind Energy Development

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